On Getting Gutsy, Building a Business and Knowing What's Right For You

I was always the go-to person that friends, family and colleagues came to when they needed guidance.  I'd go to family gatherings and immediately someone would ask, "Hey, do you happen to have your tarot cards with you?" or someone would pull me aside at work (back when I was working for other people full-time) and beg for my insight on some tricky situation they were in. I even met complete strangers who would share TMI and ask for my advice (let's just say, I've found myself giving impromptu readings on airplanes a time or two)...

That's what happens when you're a Light Worker.  People are drawn to you.  Something in them knows you can help them.  


I'm still that person that my friends and family come to for guidance, it's who I am...

 but now I also do it for a living!  


And let me tell you, it's a fascinating shift to experience when you realize you are earning an income doing what you love,

what comes naturally to you,

what you were doing for free anyway,

what you were born to do,

AND it's clear that you're making an incredible impact on people's lives.


If you don't already know the story of how Eclipse Tarot was born...

I was SAHM for several years after my youngest son was born.  My oldest son was almost an adult, and when my "baby" started kindergarten, I started thinking about going back to work.  It was the beginning of a whole new phase in my life.  My boys were growing up and not needing me as much anymore.  I had time to do something outside of kids and household stuff, only I hadn't been in the workforce for 6 years.  How would that look on a resume?

I was also feeling this deep yearning to do something that was meaningful... really soulful work.  Something that filled me up and made a difference in people's lives.  

And also, a work schedule that I could tailor to suit my family's needs.  I wanted to be home with my son on days he had off from school (which is like every Friday these days) and be there to take care of him when he was sick without having to call-in and explain my situation to a boss.  It was a tall order.

One day when I was kinda freaking out, because I felt the need to go back to work but also so much resistance to working for someone else, my husband gently said, Why don't you do that tarot thing you do... as a business?

Hmmm.... Yeah! Why don't I?!


And here I am, almost 2 years later.  It's been the BEST thing I ever did...

 but also one of the MOST CHALLENGING things. 


Building a business, I've learned, is not for the faint of heart.  It's a good thing I'm a Capricorn and don't give up easily.

While I was knew I was on the right path and ready to serve others (like YOU) in a big way, I quickly realized I needed help learning how to run an online business.  

The beauty of running an online business is that it's possible to reach so many amazing people...

those people who are drawn to your light,

the people you were destined to help in this lifetime.


But in order to do that, I really had to get gutsy.

I had to do what I knew was right for me,

invest in education to learn how to do the things that didn't come naturally to me,

and only follow leaders that I felt aligned with.


And sure enough, as soon as I asked my Spirit Guides & the Universe for help and opened up to learning everything I could about building and growing a *profitable* online business, I was led to some brilliant Light Workers that could help me do just that.


One of those brilliant Light Workers was Jenny Fenig.  


You know I trust my intuition above all else and Jenny had good vibes.  I read her book and was instantly hooked on all that she does to serve other Light Workers and Coaches.  

Her bright and vibrant platform is all about getting gutsy, which is exactly what I needed help with in the business arena... (like I mentioned, I'm a Capricorn... not really known for taking big risks or being "gutsy" lol).  

She's a biz pro through and through.  I've seen her bear her heart & soul in service to others and she's taught me so much about how to make more magic happen in my business.

So if you've ever wondered if there is some secret formula that teaches you how to package your magic - your own special sauce - so that you can earn a great living doing what you love, Jenny's got you covered.


Jenny is leading a FREE webinar next week on "How to Package Your Magic to Get the Best Results for Your Coaching Clients + Say Goodbye to the Hours for Dollars Trap."


It's going to be #epic, and she's going to share what she typically only shares with her clients on this mission-critical issue.


So if you've been tossing around the idea of starting your own business, earning a real living doing that thing that comes naturally to you -- don't miss this opportunity!


Only you know what's right for you.  Watch this webinar and decide for yourself if Jenny is the Light Worker that was destined to help you, too. 

I'd love to hear how Jenny's message resonates with you! Shoot me an email at kimberly@eclipsetarot.com and let me know... I may have a special surprise for you when you do!





Disclaimer: This is my affiliate link. I may receive a commission in the future from Jenny's business. I only make recommendations that I fully stand behind.