The Trump Card That Tells Us A Lot About What's Happening in America Right Now

My intention is to cultivate peace by bringing greater awareness and deeper understanding to the current state of uncertainty and unrest.  I deliver this message objectively, for the Highest Good of all.


On the day of the U.S. Presidential Election, I shared a live tarot card reading on Facebook with intuitive insights on what we could expect to happen.  The very first card I pulled for the center of the spread was a Major Arcana card, which is also, not-so-coincidentally, known as a Trump card.  

This Trump card was The Tower. (Let's just say I wasn't too surprised with the outcome of the election.)

The Tower was the ONLY Major Arcana card of the entire spread which made it even more significant, because it sort of 'trumped' all of the other cards.  And Major Arcana cards are signicant in their own right, as they call our attention to a Universal Law that is activated at the present moment.  So let's take a closer look at The TOWER; what it really means and how it can help us now.


Perception Overhaul


On a very basic level, the Tower is about a change in perception.

If it were to come up in your reading, depending on the other cards around it, I might read it simply as that.  You would begin to perceive things very differently as a result of an event in your life or something might happen suddenly that challenges the way you previously viewed some aspect of yourself, a situation or a person.

I noticed this basic principle at play on election night when the projections of the polsters proved to be wrong.

We fundamentally misunderstood this election. We thought Hillary Clinton might be winning red states. But Donald Trump won blue states.
— Washington Post

When we are caught off-guard and proven wrong, it urges us to look at the situation differently and that compells us to make a change.  After all, why would we need to change if things are going alright?

It's important to note that this trend has been happening on a more subtle scale for years. 

We've already been changing the way we see the American President.  First, with Obama being our first African-American President.  And with this election we've been shown that you don't have to have any political experience, or even be a man, to run for POTUS.  Something that has always been possible, but didn't seem quite as real until now. Stretching our perceptions even more.


A Shock to the System


We don't feel ready for change when The Tower comes into play.  It shakes us up and can totally freak us out.  It rips us out of our comfort zones and drops us smack-dab in the middle of uncharted territory.  It's all too easy to feel a sense of doom and gloom at first.

If we are too focused on the moment of impact, we can easily overreact and assume it is the end of the world.

If we look at the image on the card, we'll notice sharp angles and bold colors.  The Tower is collapsing after a fatal blow to it's very foundation.  Fiery chaos on the cusp of utter destruction.  The gravity of the situation is heavy.  There's no stopping it.  It's already in motion.

Clinging to misconceptions, old patterns and even the way you've always thought things should be will prove to be futile now.  It's like choosing to stay in a building that is consumed by fire.  While you may believe you have the power to stop the destruction, you will only end up getting burned.

We may not realize it at first, but this event is shattering the limits and showing us where we have become too rigid.  In the aftermath, it becomes obvious where we have been clinging to a false sense of security -- relying on something outside of ourselves to fill a void within us.

There is no way to continue with blinders on.  All of the sudden there is more than just one path before you and it's totally overwhelming.

Losing faith in a system is a natural side effect of The Tower.  During this election period this has been an undeniable theme.  Some lost faith in the establishment or the government as a whole.  Some lost faith in the Electoral College.  I think we all lost faith in the media.  What we cannot do, is lose faith in humanity.


Down to the Roots

The very nature of the Tower is intense, to say the least.  As I've explained, things will never go back to the way they once were... it shows up as a serious reality check.

It feels like a violent attack but that's not really what it is.  It is the abrupt release of what has been repressed for too long.

Like a heart attack, there may be a variety of reasons why it manifested.  The bare truth is there were previously unknown issues that caused it to happen and once it has happened, you can no longer ignore them.  You must take a closer look at the why if you truly want to heal.

Point break takes us right down to the core of the problem; back to the time and space when it all started.   If you've ever been in therapy for a while, like I was many years ago, you probably know what it's like when you go deep and get to THE issue at the root of your suffering; the original trauma. 

I've noticed this occuring in the U.S. since election day.  History seems to be repeating itself in curious ways.  From riots and protests in the street, wild comparisons to the Nazi Germany of the past to history lessons shared on social media.

With the Tower, our Root Chakra is triggered.  

As energetic beings, this is our base, our foundation, essentially where we plug into the physical world we live in.  The contact point through which we filter our sense of safety, security.  It is our connection to our family, community, and environment.  Safety pins and University "cry-ins" are great examples of how our collective root chakra has been triggered.



What occurs when the Tower is activated is ultimately a breakthrough.

a sudden, dramatic, and important discovery or development.
— Google

Upon closer examination of the details of the card, you'll notice that the building or castle that is breaking down really looks like a prison.  And the door is open.

While the situation feels dark and scary, confusing and chaotic, it is actually designed to liberate us.  The structure that has confined us is now being destroyed and that's a good thing.

I once read a story about a litter of kittens that had been kept in a closed cardboard box since birth.  When they were finally set free they didn't know what to do.  They had never seen the light, so they kept their eyes closed at first.  They didn't realize they could climb and jump like cats do because they had been confined to a small dark space for so long.  

Like those kittens, it may take us a while to open our eyes and realize we've been set free.  But when we do?  That's the breakthrough.


Vision and the All-Seeing Eye


At the top of the The Tower image is the All-Seeing Eye, with rays like sunshine reaching every corner of the picture.  On either side of the shining eye is a dove holding an olive branch and a crowned snake.  While much of the image is consumed by violence and disruption, there is a bigger picture, a greater purpose.  But we must look up to see it.

This is a calling that comes with a sense of urgency, to be more transparent than ever before. Transparency serves to protect us.  An era of blind subservience has ended.  Like shining a spolight on what was hiding in the darkness, the gig is up.  The master plan must now be revealed.

The eye also shows us exactly where our weakest links are with laser-like precision.  Coming face to face with our weaknesses like this gives us a golden opportunity to strengthen, improve and evolve.

The crowned snake represents not only our transformation, but a Higher Consciousness.  We will hold our systems, our leaders and each other to higher standards from this day forward.

There's an offering of peace as the dove soars downward to extend the olive branch.  As a result of this seemingly cataclysmic event, we have a greater capacity for peace and compassion.


We are still experiencing the shock waves that reverberate across the Nation (and the globe) by the decision of the American people.  Big change is like that.  The Tower of the Tarot is known as a "change card" and arguably, the most intense kind of change.  It stays with us.  We don't forget it and simply move on with our lives.

Everything happens for a reason, and I believe that reason is always, always for our highest good and to help us evolve.  To be better.  Stronger.  More enlightened and more compassionate beings.

Just think.... Now we can see our reality from a whole new perspective, now that the structure that was blocking us is going down. A new reality that's filled with all kinds of opportunities that we couldn't see before.  We can let go of the past and truly be liberated.  

And this liberation can be everlasting because we have gone deep and uncovered what it was that was really holding us captive for so long.  We can strengthen our foundation and rebuild our Nation (and ourselves) with higher standards.  


The Tower now is ulimately showing us an opportunity for Collective Awakening.  The alarm has sounded and it's up to us to leverage this opportunity, individually and as a nation.  Once the dust has settled from the inital blow, we will see a brighter future within our reach.