The Things You Can't See


Intuition, Spirit, all the woo-woo stuff... I often refer to it as the UNSEEN realm.  It's the subtle signs from Spirit, the feelings, the knowing.

Sometimes it's hard to put into words, because it's an altogether different kind of communication, in and of itself.

How do you describe what an Angel looks like?  OR what a sensation of overwhelming assurance & peace is like?

How do you describe an instant when your whole body seems to light up from the inside and you just KNOW something?


It's inexplicable. Indescribable.  AND... it's REAL.

I've twisted myself in knots since I started this business and began sharing my message, and messages from the other dimension, in a bigger way, over this need to find the right words to fully describe it all.

And I must say... the only time when I truly felt I got it right was when I did a livestream last year where I shared channeled messages from my main Spirit Guide, Simon.  

In every other instance, I felt like the words just didn't do it justice.  Like a photo taken of a beautiful sunset or a laughing baby, that is simply SO much better in person.  The photo seems quite disappointing because it can't wholly capture that kind of beauty.

It's better experienced. 


Known on a Soul Level.


Through all my attempts to bring that experience to Life for you, in way that you can feel it, my true wish is for you to experience it for yourself. 

To get to the place of absolute knowing that Spirit is with you.


I gave a reading recently, that brought both me & my client to tears, when a Loved One in Spirit (who had recently passed away) sent a [Tarot] card flying across the room with a very clear message for her.

I could see the shift.  The instant knowing that is felt at Soul depth.  The realization that comes from such clear communication.  When it simply becomes undeniable truth.


You're one of the Awakened ones.

I know this because if you weren't you wouldn't have read this far. ;)


It's time to open up to the UNSEEN realms and invite that kind of incredible, other-worldly, multi-dimensional kinds of Love + Light into your daily Life. 

This is part of the Higher Consciousness that has entered, and is expanding, on the planet now.


Don't be afraid if there are no words to describe it.  Don't hesitate to ask your Spirit Guides & Angels & Loved Ones in Spirit for comfort, peace, love, clarity, HELP. 

Don't live another year without the Magic that is available to you now, and always has been.


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