It’s about connection. Authentic expression.
Seeing the mundane and the mystical.
Being in the darkness, and calling in the Light.
Embodying Love, Compassion, Grace.
Integrity is the stuff dreams are made of .
Exploring the non-physical dimensions,
and communing with Higher Vibrational Frequencies.
Then strengthening and nourishing ourselves, in union with Mother Earth.
— Kimberly Stargazer

With nearly 20 years of experience as a Tarot Card Reader,

Kimberly specializes in using the Crowley-Thoth deck with a love for the deeper insight the astrological aspects infused in that deck provide. Her approach to the art of "fortune telling" is down-to-Earth, yet spiritually-focused, to deliver optimum clarity for you to make your next move with greater insight of what's to come.