Stop second-guessing yourself.

start owning your power.


So you get a funny feeling about that guy, but you go out on a date with him because all your friends say he's a great catch or your mom says he's a perfect gentleman and well-respected in the community.  but you very quickly discover he's not all that... in fact, he's a downright creep.

Or perhaps you've struggled to make a big decision, like whether or not to take That new job offer or  get a different financial advisor.  You go into analysis paralysis Or you make a hasty decision... then when you look back on it you think to yourself, "I knew that wasn't the right move!" 

So often I see beautiful bright lights, like you, deferring their power to other people.  

they ask 15 friends (ok.. maybe not that many, but you get the point) what their take is on a situation before they make a decision.  They are left feeling defeated because something in them just knew that wasn't the right thing to do, but for some reason they did it anyway.


What if you could get a little help getting back into your own power?  

What if you had insight into what may pop up in the future, so you can start preparing for it right now?

What if you got a little nudge from the universe, your spirit guides and angels letting you know that you're right on track, keep going, you're almost there?


I've been reading tarot for nearly 20 years and i can tell you, it's so much more about reclaiming your own power than it is about predicting the future.  


Sure, it's fun to see what may be in store for us, but the gold is in those moments when you get the chills because you had a feeling that's what was going on all along....

or you feel super relieved that an stressful issue is about to be resolved -- you just couldn't see it, because you were so emotionally wrapped up in it.  

it's soothing to realize that there's a divine design to everything.


That's when the magic happens.  when we experience our own power, get a peek into our future or connect with a spirit that divulges unforgettable wisdom.  Like glinda the good witch says, "you had the power all along, my dear." 

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Got a topic suggestion for my weekly live show? share it here!
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how do i get my reading?


all readings are live & virtual, so no matter where you are in the world, you can receive a reading from kimberly!  isn't technology amazing?! when you buy & book your reading, you get to select how you'd like to connect live: skype (video or audio-only call), facetime or zoom.  


what do i get with it?


every reading includes a divine download. ;-) after your reading (within 3 business days), you'll receive details of your reading with images of the cards that come up for you in a pdf that you are free to download, save & print.  

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how do i book my reading?

once you have purchased your reading here, you will recieve an email confirmation with a link to see kimberly's schedule and book your reading online.  if you have any concerns or special requests, please contact kimberly via email or feel free to send a pM over on facebook




Readings are deeply personal and you can rest assured that anything and everything that comes up in your reading will be kept strictly confidential.  nothing is recorded or shared with anyone other than you.