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Empress Heart Academy!

{$397 Value + ALL the Bonuses that come with the program!}


Several years ago I started consulting my Tarot Cards, using a specific spread, to map out my year ahead every January.  My birthday is in mid-January, so the timing was doubly important.  It became a big part of my spiritual practice and my self-development journey with each new year.

I've discovered that having a unique overview of my life, in the year in front of me, gave me an edge.  I was able to:

  • Better understand what challenges may come up in the months ahead
  • The relationships I needed to nurture or let go of
  • Know what kind of support I would need to achieve my goals, and how it may show up so I could be ready to claim it


It's like a world leader receiving Intel, that isn't public knowledge, so they know where trouble may be brewing, where alliances can be made to achieve a broader goal.  And you are the leader of your life!  You have access to powerful intel that can help guide you, too!


I've never packaged my services in this way for you quite like this before, so I'm truly excited to show you just how amazing your life can be with consistent guidance from the Tarot at key points throughout the year.


There is a strategy that I've discovered that helps me and my clients navigate the messiness of life to get to the gold.  Here's how it works:


Start off with CLARITY.  

Getting really clear on who we are and what we really want makes it possible to set crystal clear intentions that can transform our lives. So, we start the year with a Full Light-Year Report.

You'll receive a PDF detailing the Tarot and number vibe, along with astrological insights, that you are aligned with for the next 12 months of your life.

When we meet (via Skype, FaceTime or phone call) I'll go over your entire report and answer any questions you may have so you fully understand it.

Then we wil dive into your Tarot Card reading using a robust spread that will help you map out your year ahead with crystal clarity!


* Your first session, may last up to 2 hours as we explore your Spiritual Growth Cycle for the rest of the year ahead and follow that with your reading.


You'll receive 4 more readings throughout the year, at the beginning of each season.  These readings are strategically planned to give you the most clarity at the times when you need it most.  Each new season brings with it a chance to start fresh or change direction.


You'll also recieve 2 bonus readings, that I like to call your First Responder Readings.  These are your security nets, and can be reserved for times when you are faced with a big decision or find yourself confused, overwhelmed by a crisis or just plain stuck.  These readings are delivered via email within 24 hours of your inquiry, so you can rest assured that divine insight & clarity is on it's way whenever you need it!

Your First Responder Readings can be used anytime during the year.  If the months go by and you don't feel the need to use them, you may roll them over into the following year OR you may give one or both as a gift to friend.  These readings never expire.


Are you ready to SHINE in 2017?!  Let's do this!


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— Kimberly