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The Eclipse


Virtual, Live 1 Hour 1:1 Reading Session

Virtual, Live 1 Hour 1:1 Reading Session

Revealing the Truth.

Choose from an in-depth general reading or focus on a specific area of your Life, like Business/Career or Relationship.

One on One virtual live sessions with Kimberly offer the clarity you need to make decisions that will truly change your Life & reveal what's behind the scenes affecting you.  Discover the challenges and opportunities that will arise in the future so you can prepare for them.

Includes Q & A, Angel Message & Divine Download delivered by email after reading session.


The Shooting Star

Super-charged Clarity to Help You Rise to the Top

VIP Day, Intensive 1:1 Virtual Session

VIP Day, Intensive 1:1 Virtual Session

Shining Bright.

When big change is on the horizon, an intensive VIP session will help you get to the bottom of what's holding you back.

Kimberly invites your Spirit Guides, Angels and Loved Ones in Spirit to deliver the messages you need to know to more fully step into your power and create lasting, positive change in your Life.

With an expanded Tarot Card reading that touches on every aspect of your Life, you'll leave the session with crystal clear steps  to UPlevel your Life.

Includes extended Q & A, Divine Download, your Light-year Report + Follow-Up Call within 30 days.

The Galaxy

Get to Know Your Spirit Guides with 1:1 Guidance

6 Months, 1:1 Readings + Coaching Package

6 Months, 1:1 Readings + Coaching Package

Getting to Know Your Spirit Guides.

Whether you've never felt a true connection with your Spirit Guides or you want to know how to deepen the bond, you can now begin your journey into the realm of your Highest Support & Divine Guidance that's constant and unwavering.

Includes 90 minute Reading Session to start, bi-monthly coaching calls, Complete Series of Guided Meditation downloads.

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The Light-Year

A full year of Tarot Card Readings & Spirit Guided Coaching sessions. As an ET Elite, you'll receive exclusive access to all programs, enjoy Priority Scheduling and so much more! To schedule a 20 minute call with Kimberly to see if the Light-Year is right for you, contact


“Wow! That is exactly what I'm feeling... That was awesome!”

Live Group Readings Available

Got a Mastermind Group or special event happening? Elevate your offering to a whole new level with a Live Group Reading session!

Contact Kimberly for more details & to schedule your group event in-person or Live online!