Well, hello there! I knew you’d be stopping by!  I see you’re intrigued and I get it… You want to know more.   So that’s why I’ve created this virtual launch pad for your journey here at Eclipse Tarot.  

First, let me introduce myself.


I’m Kimberly, your Intuitive Tarot Guide.  Thank you for visiting my humble home here on the web.  I’m delighted that you’re here!  My mission is to demystify the Tarot and bring MAGIC to Life. 


So if you’re…


·         Looking for new ways to be inspired, get motivated and live Happily Ever After

·         Curious about this thing called Tarot (and all kinds of “psychic” or “intuitive” practices)

·         Obsessed with the mysterious nature of The Universe


Then I have a feeling you’ll love it here!


A few things you should know, right off the bat.  There are a few terms I use frequently and I want you to know exactly what I mean when I use them.  (Life is confusing enough! I want everything to be crystal clear for you here.)


Now that we’ve got those things out of the way, you may like to mosey on over to the blog.  Click a topic that lights you up and see where it takes you! 


I’ve got Gemini rising, so I like to keep things in motion and share the good stuff with you in variety of ways. So, if you prefer to watch rather than read, I hope you find value on my YouTube Channel.


Social Butterlfy?

Social Butterlfy?

You can find me floating around on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  I’d so love it if you’d stop by and say hello! That’s where you’ll get my #MorningMessages; daily card readings to amplify whatever stellar morning routine you’ve got going on and infuse it with some good ol’ Tarot & Oracle guidance. Need to know where to focus your energy? A burst of clarity? An extra dose of positivity & hope? We’ve got you covered.


And when I say WE, I mean me + Spirit Guides and whichever Angels may join in the fun that day.  Just like when you receive a reading.

There are many ways we can all channel that inner wisdom and divine flow from the Universe.  The cards are simply my power tool of choice.  They act like a portal through which the messages come to me from Spirits & the Universe.



Ready for a Reading?

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